Our Team

Jessica Kai McHugh


Originally from Frederick, Maryland, Jessica has been teaching the art of yoga since 2013. Prior to her practice, she attended Delaware College of Art and Design as a photography major and later found herself closer to home in Virginia where she received her RYT-200 Multi-Style Yoga Certification at Chesapeake Hot Yoga. In 2017, she decided to continue education and is currently studying kinesiology at Texas A&M. After making herself an official Savannah local in 2014, shortly after growing her family with husband and son she decided to devote her life to full-time teaching so she could continue to share her love and passion for yoga with others while always standing by her philosophy: “My yoga. It doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect. My practice is my time to feel alive, loved, and free.”

Tom Nagel

Tom has been a NASM Certified Personal Trainer for the past 4 years.  He has been a lifelong athlete and graduated from Georgia Southern with a degree in Exercise Science.  Tom is a Firefighter for the City of Pooler.  Fitness has been a huge influence on Tom’s life, and he is always looking to further his knowledge in the field.  “I’d love to help you reach your goals as you begin your fitness journey. The hardest part is starting, but once you do you won’t want to stop.”

Brooke Donahue

Brooke’s specialty in personal training is teaching people to use their core to execute functional movement patterns to a pain-free and healthy life. “With this foundation, you then can use our custom fitness and exercise programs to achieve your goals!”


Her personal fitness goal is to use fitness as a foundation to build mental toughness and to create a strong capable body able to handle anything life throws at her….while having fun. She loves living in Savannah and doing outdoor activities like kayaking, rock climbing, and of course yoga.


In 2007 Brooke received her Yoga Instructor certificate from Yandara and completed over 200 hours.  She achieved Ace Personal Training status in 2013.  In 2015 she completed NASM Personal Training and Exercise.  Brooke has a Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science and just finished her Physical Therapy Assistant program at South University.

Greg Knapp

Greg is from Chicago, Illinois.  He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and he is an IFA Certified Personal trainer.


“Fitness, health and nutrition are integral parts of a long, healthy and happy life.”


Helping people reach their fitness goals is a passion of Greg through training and educating his clients. He is a single father to an awesome 9-year-old boy that loves soccer. His goal is to be a good example of health and fitness for his son. Whatever a person’s fitness goal is he will educate and motivate anyone. “I can help them achieve it.”

Image of Corey Inman Personal Trainer at So Fit Gym in Pooler

Corey Inman

To Corey fitness is more of a lifestyle, something he enjoys and looks forward to.  Back in high school during a rough time of his life, exercise became something he looked forward to, an outlet or escape from the stresses of life.

“I haven’t stopped a lifestyle of fitness since then.”  He wants to help others look forward to a lifestyle of fitness and maybe use it as an outlet for stress just as he does.

He specializes in different areas of strength training from bodybuilding to powerlifting or general strength training to improve health and wellness as well as weight loss.  Corey is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Association of Sports Medicine.  He enjoys strength training, watching Anime  and riding his motorcycle.

Vanessa Theodorakis

Vanessa is a certified personal trainer, group instructor, and a certified fitness nutrition specialist.
She has taught a variety of classes, ranging from sports conditioning to hiit.
Vanessa has helped many clients change their relationship with food and diet through healthy and realistic eating habits.

Her passion for fitness grew after the birth of her daughter. She wanted to encourage other parents to not only be healthy for themselves but their kids.

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